Cake Smash Photography – Theo’s First Birthday Session | Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Time for another session blog and this time its a cake smash session blog. Cake smash sessions are a lovely way to mark your babies first birthday, and we love making so much mess in the studio and watching your baby explore this wonderful giant cake they have been given.

In January it was cute Theo’s turn to make some mess and enjoy some cake and  boy what a sweet funny little character he really is. He really made me chuckle showing me some of his wonderful dancing and that funny little personality of his, one of the reasons I just love capturing babies at this age. They have found their own little personalities and some of those facial expressions are too funny!!

Here are a few from Theo’s session,

Don’t forget to book your session in advance – Please be aware I am usually booked at least 6 weeks in advance!!

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Newborn Photography – Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

Well second session blog of the year….not doing too bad am I?!

Meet Daisy, who was 10 days old when she first came to see me for her newborn session, It was a pleasure to meet Daisy and see her mummy again as I did Daisy’s big sisters newborn session 3 years ago so its always lovely to see returning families.

Daisy wasn’t too keen on sleeping during her session but we got some beautiful images for her mummy and daddy to treasure, and of course I just love some open eye shots too!!

Don’t forget to book your newborn session in advance – Anytime from your 12 week scan!!

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Newborn Photography Session, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

So here we are in 2015 and wow what can I say, my diary is filling so quickly already with newborn bookings as far ahead as July and cake smashes booked right into August so please if you are wanting to book a session get in touch as soon as possible and secure your spot!

The one thing I want to improve on this year is my blogging, so here I am ready to blog the first newborn session of 2015.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a very sweet little lady, and at 18 days new she was super alert and very expressionate, She was very determined to keep those beautiful eyes wide open but after some of my special sleeping techniques she decided to drop off long enough for me to get some stunning sleepy images.

Don’t forget to book your newborn session in advance – Anytime from your 12 week scan!! 3

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Grimsby Photographer – Project 365 – Day Four – January 4th 2015

Day Four – Last day of Christmas Holidays!!

Sunday 4th January, day four of the 365 already and I’m quite shocked I’ve made it to day 4 without forgetting!! Today saw us getting prepared for school tomorrow, so kiddies had a nice early bath this afternoon and are now all clean, warm and snuggled in fresh pj’s ready for a lazy afternoon watching films, can’t beat sunday evenings!

Today it was lovely and bright outside meaning our living room was lovely and warm, cue Willow the cat deciding to sit in her favourite place, on the window sill, I spend half my life telling her to get down from there but yet she goes back for more, she just loves laying in the sunny spot.

Here she is this morning, soaking up some winter sun!

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Grimsby Photographer – Project 365 – January 3rd 2015

Day Three – Daddy’s back to work!!

Project 365, Day Three, Saturday 3rd January and today Daddy went back to work after a few weeks off over christmas, It seemed rather strange just me and the kiddies in the house all day but also nice to have them to myself for a little while!!

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed how close Mia and Charlie really are, yes they squabble and fight, yes I listen to endless hours of tittle tattle, he said, she said but despite all of that they are so close, constantly together, even when they are playing separately they are almost always in the same room, and it fills my heart with such warmth knowing they have created such a lovely special bond together!!

Today I captured them sharing a storybook together, one of our favourites too, The Gruffalo, I took many images of them reading, laughing and even doing different Gruffalo faces but upon choosing 1 image for today this one just stood out to me, This is typical cheeky Charlie, full of fun!

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