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A slightly different blog post from me today, I often get asked why newborn session’s are more expensive than an average photo session, and also why images can take up to 14 days for me to process and upload for my clients, so I thought I would do a small post just explaining some of the basics of what goes on.

An average newborn session with me starts at 10am, I have lots of parents arrive and even though I have prepared them for a session that may last up to 4 hours long lots of them are quite shocked especially when baby is happy to be wide awake and watching everything we are doing. So 4 hours long for a session isn’t actually that long in some cases, Babies love cuddles and have to feel safe and that’s my main concern when doing a newborn session so if it takes slightly longer then that’s fine, as long as baby is happy that’s all that matters. A newborn session is so much more than an average photo session in many ways, it’s a custom session especially for you and your baby, as every baby is different, believe me on that one as I see so many.

So we’ve completed a 4 hour session, if necessary, and you leave the studio happy with what we managed to capture, You then have that wait for me to email you with your proofing password, and believe me I know how hard that wait must be but there is so much I have to go through with your images before you receive them.  I have to go through all the images and pick out the ones I will process, while doing this I usually choose a few which I will upload to Facebook. I then have the task of processing each and every image chosen to my high standard, during this process I am faced with dry baby skin, flaky patches, and of course the lovely tones that newborn babies are. All take time and patience to correct, and of course I am always very wary not over do the editing process as I want the baby to look like the same baby. We also have the lovely composite shots, which take slightly longer to edit than the average image but are done for the safety of baby. So yes a newborn session takes longer than an average session from the very beginning right until the end when you receive your beautiful imagery, and I am sure any previous clients will say they are worth the extra money to an average session and of course the waiting time.

Here is an example of a composite shot, Firstly the straight out of camera images, You will see not only will I need to merge both images together to get rid of mums hands/arms but baby is also slightly jaundice and has red patches.

Then here is the edited image, merged and edited as all other images are. Hopefully baby’s tones are looking more even too.

Lot’s to do both during and after a newborn session,  making newborn photography a rather specialist form of photography.

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