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Safety is paramount – Grimsby Newborn Photographer

During every single newborn session that takes place in my studio safety is always number one!!

Why am I telling you this??

The answer to that is simple! Over the last few days social media is a light with so many different posts, newspaper articles and of course Blog posts about Newborn Photography Safety, and it saddens me to read that two new mums have had terrible experiences and their new babys safety has been compromised during newborn sessions, a time that should be a wonderful experience for the parents. All because the photographer wasn’t working with safety as their number one priority.

I have specialised in newborn photography for four years now and worked hard to make sure I am on top of my game, offering my clients SAFE sessions with me, I have undertaken various online newborn related workshops and I now offer Newborn Safety & Posing Mentoring. I am fully insured and a very proud member of the Baby And Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS)

“An Association whose members are amongst the UK’s leading baby and newborn photographers.  The Association promotes safe working practices and we are dedicated to ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety takes priority whilst our members create beautiful images for you to treasure.”

The BANPAS are currently trying to raise more awareness of safety during newborn sessions and have a whole section on safe practices and composite poses during a newborn session on the website –

What is a Composite??

A composite image or pose is when several images are taken and merged together during the editing process in Photoshop. These images are what ensure a baby is kept safe during their newborn session. It allows the photographer to make sure their are hands on the baby, keeping little one nice and safe and secure, but also allows them to then go away and create these beautiful pieces of art. Unfortunately not all photographers are using composite images, some are even unaware they exist, and it is this that is causing concern. Below are some examples of images I have done and used composites to create the final finished piece for the parents. As you can see in the images there are hands on the baby and these are carefully edited out. The top images are the final edited images and the bottom two are of course the two images that have been merged together.

There are certain types of poses which require composite images to be used to create the final piece, A baby should never be left to balance or left in a position where they could easily fall.

If for a second you doubt your photographers experience then as your baby’s parent you have every right to stop the photographer from what they are doing and question them, Your baby is the most precious thing to you, Please do not let anyone compromise their safety!

Do your research before booking your photographer, Do they have insurance? Are they working safely to create their images?  Do they use composite images for certain poses? Do they belong to the BANPAS? All these questions should be asked before booking your session. Make sure you are putting safety as your number one reason for choosing your photographer!

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